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MAGIMIX 3200XL White
$ 639.00

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Simple : Just 3 buttons to access all functions. The motor automatically adjusts it's power for each task. A recipe book full of ideas is supplied with each machine. Blade safe storage box provides compact storage for main blades, whisks & discs. Design : The Magimix food processors are designed to combine good looks with ease of use.
Robust : All Magimix food processors are manufactured in France and equipped with a powerful, ultra quiet induction motor that bears a 30 year* warranty. Serrated Sabatier stainless steel blades are also made in France and stay sharper for longer. Efficient : As well as the main bowl, Magimix has created a midi bowl and the mini bowl. Placed inside the main bowl, the midi and mini bowls function entirely independently, meaning that you can carry out tasks in succession. All bowls are made of an unbreakable material called Tritan. The main bowl is ideal for preparing larger quantities. The midi bowl is an easy to clean bowl for graing and slicing. The mini bowl is designed to handle smaller quantities and comes with it's own stainless steel blade.
Blender Mix : Fitted with the metal blade, the Blender Mix converts your food processor into a blender. By changing the flow of the ingredients, this simple tool adds yet another function to your Magimix. Dicing Kit : Magimix innovation now allows you to dice. The first of it's kind on the market, the optional dicing kit can be used to make cubes out of just about anything from onions to potatoes to carrots and much more. Leave the Magimix off and use it as a kit for French Fries!
Bread Dough600g850g1.3kg
Egg Whites568
Main Bowl2.6lt3lt3.6lt
Midi Bowl2.2lt2.6lt2.6li
Mini Bowl1.2lt1.2lt1.2lt

Mini Blade
Main Blade
Egg Whisk
Dough Blade
2mm Slicer
2mm Grater
4mm Slicer
4mm Grater
Parmesan DiscOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
6mm SlicerOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
6mm GraterOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
10mm SlicerOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
Julienne DiscOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
Citrus PressOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
3 Disc Creative KitOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
Dice / French Fry KitOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
Juice Extractor KitOptional (Buy)Optional (Buy)Optional (Buy)
Spatula / Storage Box / Recipe Book
Warranty30 years on motor on purchases made from February 2012, 3 years on parts & accessories, 1 year labour. Warranty applies to manufacturing faults. Warranty applies to purchases made in Australia from approved Australian outlets. International warranty is not offered on Magimix products. Domestic use only.
Country of originMade in France
= denotes included accessory

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