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Chilled olive soup

Chilled olive soup

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Serves 4 :
60 g bread (crusts removed)
2 small spring onions
5 anchovies in olive oil
2 mint leaves
200 ml milk
40 ml olive oil
100 g cucumber
50 g green olives
4 basil leaves
2 tbsp mascarpone cream
1/2 lemon
freshly-milled pepper
1Soak the bread in the milk.
2Peel the cucumber and cut into large pieces.
3Peel and halve the onions. Squeeze the ½ lemon.
4Place all the ingredients in the blender jug, starting with the liquids. Turn the selector to the "soups" setting and liquidise for 1 minute. You can add a little milk if you prefer a thinner consistency. Serve chilled.


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