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Fresh Butter

By Allan Aabbac

Making Butter Cook Expert

Preparation : 0 min Resting : -
Cooking : 30 min Equipment :
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Serves 1+ :
500 ml Pure Cream
1Fit the whisk blade. Pour the entire contents of 500ml carton of pure cream into the cook expert bowl.
2Set to EXPERT mode run speed 8/10mins 0 temp
3Once the cream has changed it's texture stop and drain the liquid into a jug/bowl or glass (this is butter milk and may be used later for cook or drinking etc)
4Add ice cold water to cover the butter in the cook expert bowl.
5Run on EXPERT mode speed 8/0 temp/5 mins
6Drain the liquid off into separate bowl or jug to be used for baking.
7Using the spatula squeeze out the remaining liquid pushing the butter against the edges of the bowl.
8Drain the liquid into the same bowl as the last drain off.
9If you like you can add more ice cold water and wash your butter again following the above process.
10With the spatula remove the butter from the bowl into a butter dish and add salt rub in the salt to your taste (skip this step if you require unsalted butter).
11Another alternative to step 11 above is you can fill ice molds with butter and freeze for cooking with at a later date.
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Chef’s tip

You can also add a variety of flavours to your butter by adding them through the lid on the cook expert. some additives suggested are: Garlic, herbs, Nuts, Oils (oil will make your butter easier to spread be careful not to add too much). Vegemite butter is another favourite.


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Gillian Whaites

much easier than i thought. it kept well too.

Grace Crowley

really creamy and so simple to make!