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Nachos Bean Sauce

By Eloise Cros

Nachos Bean Sauce Cook Expert

Preparation : 10 min Resting : -
Cooking : 16 min Equipment :
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Serves 15 to 20 :
1 medium pink or brown onion
1 clove garlic
1 chili (1/2 seed out) cut inhalf
800 g crush tomatoes tin
1/2 bottle tomato pure
2 tablespoon Mexican mix spice
1 440 g baked beans tin
1 440 g kidney beans or mixing beans tin
Pinch of salt
1Place in the metal bowl: onion cut it in quarters, garlic, red chili: 30 seconds / speed 16. [EXPERT]
2With spatula push the mix down: another : 30 seconds / speed 16. [EXPERT]
3Add tomatoes tin and tomato pure, Mexican spices, and pich of salt, cook :10 m / speed 2A /115°C [EXPERT]
4Add beans Cook : 6 m/ speed 3 /95 C [EXPERT]
5Enjoy it!
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Chef’s tip

Note: the baked beans should be put all together with its sauce, however the kidney bean or mix bean water from the tin should be drained first. This is a nice sauce and can be served as it is on chips or baked with corn chips and grated cheese.


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Prudence Beltz

i make this a lot but have just started substituting a capsicum for the onion/garlic due to intolerance issues. simple and tastes good