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Pecan Maple Steamed Pudding

By Good Chef Bad Chef

Pecan Maple Steamed Pudding, adrian richardson, good chef bad chef

Preparation : 10 min Resting : -
Cooking : 1 hr Equipment : 800ml pudding bowl
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Serves 4 :
100 g pecan nuts
200 g self-raising flour
75 g brown sugar
100 g butter, melted
1 whole egg
1/4 cup maple syrup
150 mL cream
Cream to serve
Fresh mint to garnish
1Put the pecan nuts into the Cook Expert metal bowl and replace the glass lid and lock into place. Select the EXPERT function and press OK. Select speed 14 and press AUTO to start the preset 60 second cycle.
2When cycle is complete, clip on the whisk attachment, then add self-raising flour, brown sugar, a whole egg, cream, melted butter, and maple syrup. Replace glass lid and lock into place. Select the EXPERT function and press OK. Select speed 3 and reduce the mix time to 1 min. Press AUTO.
3Press STOP 30 seconds into the cycle and scrape down the sides of the bowl with the Magimix spatula. Press AUTO to restart the cycle.
4When mixing is complete, remove the glass lid and remove the whisk attachment. Using the Magimix spatula, remove any excess mixture from the whisk. Pour the mixture from the metal bowl into a baking paper lined 800ml pudding bowl. Give it a tap to even out the mixture and remove any air bubbles. Decorate with pecan nuts. Cover the top with baking paper. It is now ready to steam.
5Clean the metal bowl in preparation for the next step and lock back into place on the Cook Expert. Add 1/2 litre water to the Cook Expert metal bowl. Place the pudding bowl into the steamer basket and place into the metal bowl. Replace the glass lid and lock into place.
6Select the Cooking function and press OK. Select the STEAM function and press OK. Set the steaming time to 1 hour and press AUTO.
7When the pudding is steamed, remove glass lid and the steaming basket from the Cook Expert metal bowl. Remove the pudding bowl, place a large dinner plate over the top and turn upside down to remove the pudding. Remove the baking paper and sprinkle with icing sugar to garnish. Serve with cream and fresh mint to garnish.
Video and recipe by Good Chef Bad Chef

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