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Refreshing salad

with sesame dressing

Refreshing salad Magimix Cook Expert

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Serves 8 :
2 red apples
300 g red cabbage
100 g shelled walnuts
8 g bunch coriander, rinsed and dried
60 g raisins or dried cranberries
40 g pomegranate seed
2 tbsp. Tahini
2 tbsp. sesame oil
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp. white wine vinegar
1 c.c. de moutarde Savora®teaspoon mustard
salt, 5 peppercorn blend
11 Wash, peel, core and quarter the apples. Rinse and cut the cabbage in pieces. Fit the food processing bowl, and insert the midi bowl; install the 2mm slicing disc. Slice the apples and cabbage using the FOOD PROCESSOR programme. Chop the walnuts in the mini bowl for about 10 seconds. Set aside.
2Remove the coriander leaves. If using raisins, rehydrate in a little hot water for 5 minutes then drain.
3Combine the apples, red cabbage, parsley, raisins or cranberries in a salad bowl. Season with the sesame dressing, and mix well. Just before serving, walnuts. Serve immediately.
Sesame dressing
1Place all ingredients in a bowl, whisk to emulsify and season to taste.
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