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Steamed asparagus

with herb sauce

Steamed asparagus with herb sauce Cook Expert

Preparation : 10 min Resting : -
Cooking : 40 min Equipment :
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Serves 4/6 :
2 bunches green or white asparagus (450g)
8 g bunch chervil
8 g bunch tarragon
8 g bunch chives
2 small spring onions
1 tbsp rice vinegar
1 tsp mustard
50 ml rapeseed or olive oil
1 tbsp maple syrup
½ tsp pink peppercorns
2 pinches Himalayan pink or sea salt
1Prepare and set the herb sauce aside. Do not rinse the bowl.
2Peel the asparagus using a vegetable peeler; cut off and discard the woody ends.
Place in the steamer basket over the metal bowl and add 500ml water. Run the
STEAM programme, 40 minutes, depending on the size of the asparagus.
3Drain the cooked asparagus before serving. Accompany with the herb sauce.
herb sauce
1Rinse the herbs, dry with kitchen paper and roughly chop. Wash and cut the spring onions in halves.
2Place all the ingredients in the metal bowl and run the EXPERT programme 1 minute/speed 13 (without heating) .
© photographs Sandra Mahut
© Hachette Livre (Marabout) 2016
Chef’s tip

The asparagus could also be served with a mousseline sauce​.


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