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Traditional meatballs

Traditional meatballs Cook Expert Magimix

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Serves 4-6 :
500 g veal escalope
200 g button mushrooms
10 sprigs parsley, washed,
1 tbsp. sesame oil
salt, freshly ground pepper
tomato sauce
1Roughly chop the veal.
2Fit the food processing bowl with the metal blade. Wash the mushrooms. Add to the bowl with the veal, parsley, sesame oil, salt and pepper. Chop well using the FOOD PROCESSOR programme until combined.
3Shape spoonsful of the chopped meat mixture into 2cm balls. Roll the meatballs into round balls and place in the steamer basket.
4Pour 500ml water into the metal bowl, fit the steamer basket and run the STEAM programme. Adjust the cooking time if necessary.
5Use wooden skewers, and serve 2 meatballs on each one. Accompany with your favorite tomato sauce.
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