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Veal blanquette

Veal blanquette Cook Expert

Preparation : 10 min Resting : -
Cooking : 1 hr 40 min Equipment :
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Serves 4-6 personnes :
1 large carrot, sliced (4mm)
1 onion, sliced
50 g butter
150 g button mushrooms
800 g stewing veal
40 g cornflour
150 ml white wine
1 chicken stock cube
1 vegetable stock cube
300 ml water
2 bay leaves
salt, 5 peppercorn blend
2 egg yolks
200 ml crème fraîche
8 g bunch parsley, finely sliced*
1Place the butter in the metal bowl, add the onion and the carrot; run the
EXPERT programme, 2 minutes/speed 3/120 °C.
2Rinse the mushrooms and cut off the stem*; halve or quarter depending on the size, 
3Cut the meat in 3-4cm cubes, lightly dust with cornflour, place in the metal bowl
and restart the EXPERT programme, 4 minutes/speed 1A/120 °C.
4Add the white wine, the carrot, stock cubes, water, bay leaves and mushrooms;
season to taste. Remove the cap and run the STEAM programme,
1 h 30 minutes/105 °C
. The meat should be tender when cooked. If necessary,
continue cooking for 10-20 minutes.
5At the end of the programme, add the egg yolks and crème fraîche and start the
EXPERT programme, 2 minutes/speed 1A/98 °C. If the sauce is too thin, thicken
with a little cornflour (mixed with one tablespoon cold water).
6Sprinkle with finely sliced* parsley and serve with rice.
© photographs Sandra Mahut
© Hachette Livre (Marabout) 2016


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Lots of flavours that gets even better when reheated


Tastes much yummier than it looks in the pic. Easy too.